Explore Daniel Korbel's board "Stanley Planes. specifically dating Stanley planes. Find this Pin and more on Stanley Planes by danielk0053. Stanley no. 49.

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How do I date a product by the Stanley logo. The above link concerns itself with dating Stanley planes but there. The heart-shape is a memorial to The Stanley.Stanley Block Planes. Stanley Block Planes; v13987 Stanley USA # 9 1/4 block plane little used iob. Stanley No. 102 Block Plane In The Original Box.

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OT - dating a Stanley No 8 plane. I've read that some Stanley planes are a mix of types, as changes were made and old parts were used on newer planes.Stanley/Record Plane Blades made by Veritas® from Lee Valley Tools. Lee Valley offers high-quality woodworking tools (woodturning, wood finishing, sharpening.The Stanley ‘transitional’ planes, combining a wooden body with a cast iron frame, frog and standard adjustment mechanism, were made between 1870 and 1940.Patrick's Blood and Gore The font of all web-knowledge on the various models of Stanley planes. Jay Sutherland's Woodworking Page contains Jay's Type-study and dating.

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TAB-LOC™ Sliding Doors. We thank you for being a valuable Stanley Hardware customer and appreciate your cooperation with our business during this time.STANLEY “LIBERTY BELL” PLANES TYPE STUDY September 6, 2008 By Robert E. Ziegler The starting point for this type study is the information in John Walter’s book,.

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A great deal of research has been dedicated to dating Stanley's bench planes over the years, with type studies established for the Bailey and Bedrock lines, as well.Dating Hand Planes Dating Stanley. Stanley Cutter dates. Don, January 27, 2016. Stanley – Type 1 – Type 2 – Type 3 – Type 4 – Type 5 – Type 6 – Type 7.Stanley Bench Planes No. 5. Stanley # 8 Jointer Plane This Stanley #8 jointer plane is a type 9 dating from 1902 - 1908. It has a later high knob, but.The Stanley 41: Plow, Fillister, Rabbet and Match Plane: This beautiful tool is our favorite plane in the collection. The 41 was offered from 1872 to 1897, and was.What have I got ? Sign in. is a handyman smoother. probably made around the same era. like i said before its a handy man which was the economy plane of the stanley.

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Stanley & Record Planes. Basically MINT and UNUSED STANLEY, ENGLAND No. SB4 smoothing plane. Produced by Stanley in the 1980's as a cheaper optio.Stanley Plane Identification and Stanley Plane Dating: What year and type is your Stanley Bailey handplane? Find out with this Stanley Bailey Plane Type Study.So I picked up this Stanley block plane for \ at a local garage sell here in the USA. It was rusted, dirty, etc. -- it cleaned up really well with some elbow grease.

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Stanley Plane Features. has provided the basis for continuing interpretive work such as that presented in The Stanley Bench Plane Dating Page found at Jay.The key is finding out what Type of Stanley plane. User vs Collectible Stanley Planes. On March 23, 2012 May 4, 2012 By MVFlaim Furnituremaker In.

loc_, sid_203713971, prod,. This Stanley plane is constructed with a cast This Stanley plane is constructed with a cast iron base with. The Home Depot México.HOME: SPECIAL: See PURCHASING- Any item may be purchased by VISA/MC, money order, cashiers check or bank draft in U.S. Funds (purchases by money order, cashiers check.

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Do a search for “dating stanley planes” and you will find a number of web sites that will help you identify a Stanley plane. This particular site goes back to.

Type dating a Stanley plane Since I am in the process of doing my usual stuff with my latest tool finds, I thought it would be a good time to go over.xy mosian wrote:Are there sufficient differences in the manufacture of these planes to make dating a possibility? Has anyone set up some sort of dating method?.Dating stanley plane blades. Start by reading Patrick Leach's comments on Stanley plane dating. I never put secondary bevels on any of my cutting tools,.

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